Watercolor Ohio 2023

2023 Ohio Watercolor Society Workshop
in conjunction with Watercolor Ohio 2023

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Important note: The OWS opening reception and Awards Banquet have been rescheduled from Saturday, July 15 to Saturday, July 22 because of a conflict with local events taking place in Mansfield on the original date (July 15).

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Submission of images to Watercolor Ohio 2023 must be made by email.
Entries must be submitted by 11:59pm on March 25, 2023.

Email your image(s) as an attachment to:
ows.exhibition@gmail.com and include your artist and entry information in the body of the email.

Image files: JPEG format, 1-5 MB. All images will be resized to 1800 pixels @ 300 dpi on the longer dimension. The image should not include mat, frame, or any other extraneous items. Use the title of your entry for file name. Email your image(s) as an attachment to: ows.exhibition@ gmail.com (You will receive an email conformation that your images were received.)

Artist and entry information: Please include your artist and entry information in the body of the email; note whether you will release your painting for the travel show (required to be juried for awards). By submitting your images, you certify that:
     • The painting(s) submitted are your own concept.
     • Any reference photos used to create you painting are your own.
     • OWS has your permission to use your image(s) for publicity or publication.

Entry Fees:
     • OWS members (Signature and Associate); first entry is free; second entry is $15.
     • Non-members: first entry is $20; second entry is $15

Mail your signed check (payable to Ohio Watercolor Society) to:
          7069 Pickett Dr
          Sylvania, OH 43560

Hanging Fee:
Only one painting per artist can be accepted for the show. Accepted artists will be charged a $15 hanging fee.

Notification of Acceptance will be sent via email. If someone has submitted your images, make sure that person is willing to receive the acceptance notice and associated documents (banquet information, painting label, etc.). A painting label and instructions will be sent to artists whose painting is accepted. All information on the painting label must agree with the entry information. No price changes will be honored.

Questions? Email to: ows.exhibition@gmail.com