Watercolor Ohio 2022

Christine Misencik-Bunn (OWS)
In the Moment
21" x 20"

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Ted Lawson (OWS)
20" x 30"

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Gary Brooks (OWS)
Fun & Games
21" x 29"

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Additional Award Winners in Watercolor Ohio 2022

OWS Award of Excellence

Jeanette B Ferguson (AS)
The Adeline 2
28" x 21"

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OWS Award of Excellence

Chirs Krupinski (OWS)
Log Cabin Picnic
30" x 22"

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OWS Award of Distinction

Frederick C Graff (C)
The Amish Way
31" x 22"

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OWS Award of Distinction

Jeff Suntala (OWS)
Three Part Harmony
24" x 18"

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V.O. Baker Award

Jennifer Sowders (OWS)
15" x 25"

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OWS/Plaza Artists Materials Award

John Schlabaugh (OWS)
Kinderdijk Treasures
30" x 20"

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Doug Pasek Award

Thomas Sorrell (OWS)
City to City
22” x 30”

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OWS/Sara Kass Memorial Award

Carol Stevens (OWS)
North 40
20" x 26"

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John Trumbull Memorial Award

Martin Chappuies (OWS)
Fallen Timbers on the Maumee
26.5" x 20.5"

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Juror’s Statement
Pat Moseuk

I am greatly honored to be selected as juror this year for the Ohio Watercolor Society’s, Watercolor Ohio 2022. As a professional artist for 37 years and an educator in the arts for 26 years, an invitation to be a juror is one of my career highlights. This year 245 entries were strong and truly impressive, so it was a difficult decision to narrow it down to just 60 entries for this show. I wanted to show a variety of diverse paintings in watermedia.

First, I looked through the entire body of work and picked out the pieces that really stood out for me. I looked for a strong composition, a balance of contrast, texture, technique and creativity plus paintings that brought me in with some mystery or a story to tell. Once I picked the paintings, I took the time to truly examine them on my large computer monitor. First stepping back to look at the contrast and then zooming in to look at technique, texture and skill level. The hardest part came when I had to narrow it down to just 6o paintings. I went over that process quite a few times. Every painting in this Exhibition is showcasing elements mentioned above.

It was a pleasure to review all these beautiful works by such talented artists. For the ones that were selected, Congratulations! If you were not selected this year, please enter again next year, because every juror is different. All artists have a gift to give, so never give up on your craft and keep on painting! Thank you again for selecting me as your juror.

Accepted Works

Bess Alexander
Judy Anderson
Micki Ansberry
Donna Bargar
Shirlee Bauer
Gary Brooks
Kevin Buckland
Michael Cantelmo
Martin Chappuies
Nancy Clelland
Sandra Dennison
Thomas Derr
Rachel Derr
Julie Disiena
Jeanette B Ferguson
Kathryn George
Frederick C Graff
Mel Grunau
Barbara Hahn
Yuki Hall
Millie Hawkins
Sally Heston

Linda Hutchinson

Patricia Ingram
Karen Jennings
Gary Johnston
Ed Kitchen
Chirs Krupinski
Kathleen Kuhn
Phyllis Lawicki

Grand Experiment
The Studio
Late Summer
An Even Half Dozen
Nature's Pearls
Fun & Games
Good Morning Acadia!
Restorante DeNiro
Fallen Timbers on the Maumee
Rêverie du Matin
Oline Covered Bridge
Back Bay at Stonington
The Adeline 2
Rush Hour
The Amish Way
Dark Forrest Veil
In Milan
Yankee Peddler
Pandemic Self-Portrait No. 6—
Resignation and Fatigue

Apple Series
City Mosaic
Off to the Beach
And the Sun Sets
Log Cabin Picnic
Sunbrella Café
Crystal Reflections
Summer Song
Main Street
Lady with a Pink Hat
Springtime in the Flats
In the Moment
Purdy Puddles

Monhegan Revisited
By The Sea
Algonquin Mill Shopper
On the Edge #3
Chatfield Auto Repair
Snow Boots
Kinderdijk Treasures
Waiting for the Bus
City to City
NYC at Dusk
North 40
Prairie Profusion
Three Part Harmony
Rural Mural
Simply Red
Sayonara Nick
Don 2

Ted Lawson
Christopher Leeper
Raymond Lillback
Susan Lyden
Fran Mangino
Bob Maurer
Thomas Mayer
Mike McEnroe
Trish Mckinney
Chris Misencik-Bunn
Rick Mock
Jack Mulhollen
Bruce Neville
Lori Perry
Lynne Rosati
Charles Rowland
Joan Satow
John Schlabaugh
Thomas Schroeder
Thomas Sorrell
Jennifer Sowders
Jeff Stahler
Carol J Stevens
Sharon Stolzenberger
Jeff Suntala
Richard Surowicz
Barrett Taylor
Tom Tindira
Deborah Ward
Dennis Zimmerman

Indicates inclusion in the Travel Exhibition

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