Watercolor Ohio 2021

Thomas Schroeder (OWS)
27” x 22”

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Frederick C Graff (OWS)
Island Departure
29” x 20”

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Chris Krupinski (AS)
Freedom Pear
30” x 22”

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Additional Award Winners in Watercolor Ohio 2021

OWS Award of Excellence

Jack Mulhollen (OWS)
March Thaw in Clark
15" x 28"

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OWS Award of Excellence

Jeff Suntala (OWS)
Rigged System
17.5" x 23.5"

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OWS Award of Distinction

Thomas Sorrell (OWS)
The Waning Edge of Winter
19” x 15.5”

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OWS Award of Distinction

Cathy Welner (OWS)
Beaver Marsh
14.5" x 21"

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Rae and Associates Award

Yuki Hall (OWS)
Charleston Rain
14" x 21"

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V. O. Baker Award

Christopher Leeper (OWS)
Glimmer of Hope
19" x 26"

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OWS/Plaza Artists Materials Award

Trish McKinney (OWS)
22" x 30"

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CAC-Cathy Welner Award

Ron Beahn (OWS)
15" x 22"

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Doug Pasek Award

Ed Kitchen (OWS)
Winter in the Valley
21.5" x 21.5"

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CAC-Hal Scraggy Memorial Award

Sharon Stolzenberger (OWS)
Summer's Blaze
28" x 38"

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CAC-Don Getz Memorial Award

Carol J Stevens (OWS)
Looking Back
26" x 20"

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Juror’s Statement
Keiko Tanabe

I am deeply grateful and honored to have been asked to judge for this year’s Watercolor Ohio 2021.

It was a treat to look at all the submissions and I was amazed at a variety in chosen subject matters, concepts and expressions. I carefully viewed all the paintings several times to make selections. I looked speci cally at how strong a composition is and how e ectively all the elements of art are blended. Technical pro ciency, originality and clarity of vision were also important criteria.

I would like to congratulate the selected artists whose creative achievement stood out among many. I would also like to remind the artists who are not in the show this year that soon it will be your turn, so please keep painting because each artwork deserves being shared and enjoyed by all.

Accepted Works

Suzanne R. Accetta
Micki Ansberry
Shirlee Bauer
Ron Beahn
Kathy Bovard
Susan Brickner-Wren
Gary Brooks
Robert Bruce
Kevin Buckland
Aileen Cave
Martin Chappuies
Jeanette Dean Dejesus
Sandra Dennison
Eva M Ellis
Jeanette B Ferguson
Sally Ford-Lyles
Kathryn George
Jim Gerkin
Connie S. Gifford
Frederick C Graff
Mel Grunau
Yuki Hall
Heidi Hanssen
Shirley Harbaugh
Pam Hartford
George H Harth III
Millie Hawkins
Linda Hutchinson
Gary Johnston
Gina T Judy
Ed Kitchen
Chirs Krupinski
Carole Lantz
Christopher Leeper
Amy Lewandowski
Raymond Lillback
Craig Lloyd
Susan Lyden
David Neil Mack
Fran Mangino

Joseph & Son
Marsh 3
The Agony
George and Friend
End of Day
Double Gable in Snow
Evening Color
Empty Chairs at Empty Tables
Joyful Noise
Hanging Around
From the Heart
Forgotten Items, Forgotten Visions
Whoo Goes There?
Too Sunny for a Selfie
Between the Mast and Shroud
Bikes of Amsterdam
Island Departure
Dark Shadows
Charleston Rain
Alex and Lucy
Grandma in All Her Glory
He's Singing to Me
Tribute Band
Fading Glory
A Hole in Rodanthe
Sign of the Times
Ballet Series VII: All Dressed
Winter in the Valley
Freedom Pear
The Green Teapot
Glimmer of Hope
My Ohio
Museum Visitor
Into the Blue
Still, They Come
850 lbs of Powerlift Strain
Three Amigos
Ready to Ride
The Fork Ran Away With the Spoon
Last Day of School
Runner in Black
The Birdwatcher
March Thaw in Clark
Winter Road
Winter Thaw
On the 4 Train, NYC
Street Sounds, Nashville
Micheal's Masterpiece
Dancing Flowers
After the Rain
Chagrin Morning
Only One
Pelican II
Dance of Love
The Elephant Gate
Sunlight in the Smokies
Market South of France
Old Timer
A Green Spoon
The Waning Edge of Winter
Woodland Garden
North Market Florist
Looking Back
Summer's Blaze
Blue Tumbler
Rigged System
Wild River Valley
Beaver Marsh
Tangue Verde Siesta
Winter Stillness
Sister Sister

Elizabeth Martin
Karen Martin
Nancy Stewart Matin
Thomas Mayer
Trish McKinney
Janet M Mettee
Christine Misencik-Bunn
Ronald Mlicki
Rick Mock
Jack Mulhollen
Bruce Neville
Mary Jane Noe
Nancy Notarianni
Jody Nudell
Kathy Oravecz
Natividad (Suni) Ortiz
Kyle Park
David Paterniti
Donna Pierce-Clark
Jeri Ellis Platt
Robert Pohm
David Rankin
Vivian Ripley
Charles Rowland
David Ruckman
Jan Holladay Scheuber
Thomas Schroeder
Thomas Sorrell
Jennifer Sowders
Jeff Stahler
Carol J Stevens
Sharon Stolzenberger
Peggy Stover
Rose Marie Strippoli
Jeff Suntala
Richard Surowicz
Cathy Welner
Jane Williams
David Yeamans
Dennis Zimmerman

Indicates inclusion in the Travel Exhibition