Watercolor Ohio 2020 Award Winners

OWS Gold Buckeye Leaf Award

Cathy Welner (OWS)
Winter Woods
21.5” x 29”

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OWS Silver Buckeye Leaf Award

Heidi Hanssen (OWS)
The White Shirt
11” x 16.5”

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OWS Bronze Buckeye Leaf Award

Frederick C Graff (OWS)
Heritage Hill
30” x 22”

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OWS Award of Excellence

Judy Anderson (OWS)
Face-to Face
17.5” x 23.5”

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OWS Award of Excellence

Christine Misencik-Bunn (OWS)
28” x 17”

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OWS Award of Distinction

Fran Mangino (OWS)
Spider-man’s Sisters
21” x 29”

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OWS Award of Distinction

Rick Surowicz (OWS)
Don’s Place
22” x 30”

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OWS Award of Merit

Angela Chang (OWS)
Filling Station Cafe XVI
29” x 19”

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OWS Award of Merit

Mel Grunau (OWS)
Fantasy Still Life No. 7
21.5” x 29.5”

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CAC-Hal Scraggy Memorial Award

David Rankin (OWS)
Break in the Storm
10” x 14”

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CAC-Don Getz Memorial Award

Susie Schreiber (OWS)
Reunion 2020
15” x 22”

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