Watercolor Ohio 2019 Award Winners

OWS Gold Buckeye Leaf Award

Chris Misencik-Bunn (OWS)
I Know What You Are Thinking
21.5” x 29”

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OWS Silver Buckeye Leaf Award

Sharon Stolzenberger (OWS)
Prairie Frenzy
23” x 29”

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OWS Bronze Buckeye Leaf Award

Jeff Suntala (OWS)
Just Hangin'
24” x 18”

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OWS Award of Excellence

Suzanne R. Accetta (OWS)
Joyful Tradition
17” x 28”

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OWS Award of Excellence

Chris Krupinski (N)
Oh My Darlin'
30” x 22”

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OWS/Blick Artist Materials Award

Carol J. Stevens (OWS)
Escape Artist
20” x 26”

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OWS /American Frame Award

Jeffrey Core (AS)
Audeamus, Let Us Dare
18” x 14”

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Jewish Federation of Cleveland Award

Deborah Ward (OWS)
Rose and Marbles
22” x 30”

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CAC-Hal Scraggy Memorial Award

Rick Mock (OWS)
I Shot the Chevy II
24” x 18”

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OWS/Plaza Artist Materials Award

Trish McKinney (OWS)
The Journey
30” x 22”

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Rea and Associates, Inc. Award

Susan Kiedio (OWS)
Flowers Everywhere
14” x 20”

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Doug Pasek Memorial Award

Angela Chang (OWS)
Filling Station Cafe XII
13” x 18”

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CAC-Don Getz Memorial Award

Rick Surowicz (OWS)
Edge of Furnace Run
22” x 30”

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