• Any artist whose paintings have been accepted in two (2) juried OWS Exhibitions is eligible to apply or reapply for Signature Membership.
  • You may reapply as many times as necessary.
  • You do not need to be an Associate of OWS to apply for full membership.
  • The application process takes place once each year.

In 2019, applications are due by midnight, June 16.


If you have met the criteria listed above, assemble the following materials:

    •  Four (4) digital images of your best paintings from the past three years that have not
       appeared in any OWS exhibitions (
image size 300 dpi, longer dimension = 2000 pixels,
       file size: 1-5 mB
    •  A close-up digital photo of yourself
    •  An artist’s statement and resume (1 page—Microsoft Word file or equivalent)

Submit the images, photo and resume via email to

After receipt of the required documentation, the Membership Secretary will proceed with the following:

  1. Group the images by artist, keeping the names secret.
  2. Submit the images to the Officers and Trustees of OWS for review.
  3. Record the votes of the OWS Officers and Trustees cast by ballot.
  4. Contact the applicants via letter with the result: any applicant who receives a majority vote of the Officers and Trustees will become a Signature Member.

New Signature Members are expected to be present at the OWS Watercolor Ohio Annual Awards Banquet to receive a membership certificate and OWS pin and to have their photos taken.

Call Yuki Hall if you have any questions: (937) 426-7229.