Watercolor Ohio 2020

Accepted Works

Suzanne R. Accetta
Judy Anderson
Ron Beahn
Paul Brand
Gary Brooks
Robert Bruce
Kevin Buckland
Lisa A Bumb
Michael Cantelmo
Angela Chang
Martin Chappuies
Brenda Myers Cohen
Bernadette D'Ettorre
Kit Dailey
Kathleen Dlabick
Kathryn George
Jim Gerkin
Connie S. Gifford
Frederick C Graff
Mel Grunau
Meghan Hager
Heidi Hanssen
Shirley Harbaugh
Pam Hartford
Millie Hawkins
Cody Heichel
Sara S (Sally) Heston
Gary Johnston
Gina T Judy
Ed Kitchen
George Kocar
Christopher Leeper
Raymond Lillback
Susan Lokar
Fran Mangino

Face to Face
Soft Landing
Hong Kong Backwater
Red Star Feed
Morning Was on its Way
Frank, Finn & Floyd Among Flowers
Home From the Hunt 1
Filling Station Café XVI
Maumee River, On the Rocks
Cow From Blowing Rock
Sunlight on the Seine
Golden Morning
Last Rose of Summer
Brittani and the Butterfly
My Tranquility
Heritage Hill
Fantasy Still Life No. 7
Stop and Drink
The White Shirt
Spring Floral
Sunday Fishing by the Scioto
Hilton Head Summer
Morning Light, Burt Street
Pandemic Self-Portrait No. 1
Sunday at Lakeside
Dad's "Golden Years' Not So Golden
Hocking Hills
Pablo Looks at Michelangelo's Battle
Saturday Morning on Griesa Hill
Spider-man's Sisters
On Your Mark
Why Not
Yaadon Maikhoya
Purdy Alley Puddles
The Monarch
New Day Temecula
In the Tall Grass Prairie
Break in the Storm
Light in a Dark Place
Blackhand Gorge
Our North Lake Canoe
Setting the Docks
Denali Dozer
Meadow Grasses
Reunion 2020
Sir Charles
Santa Monica, 1978
Into the Shop
Beck Tavern
Big Sur
Caught in the Spin
Sunkissed Glads
Here's the Deal
Don's Place
Wood Song
Yellow Fellows
The Golden Oldie
Winter Woods
Its Future is in Its Past
Empty Dreams

Thomas Mayer
Mike Mcenroe
Christine Misencik-Bunn
Ronald Mlicki
Rick Mock
Jack Mulhollen
Kathy Oravecz
Michael Ousley
David Rankin
Sharon Rapp
David Reed
Vivian Ripley
Robin Roberts
David Ruckman
Jan Holladay Scheuber
Susie Schreiber
Thomas Schroeder
Judith Ann Sigmund
Thomas Sorrell
Jennifer Sowders
Jeff Stahler
Wanda Stahler
Carol J Stevens
Peggy Stover
Rose Marie Strippoli
Jeff Suntala
Richard Surowicz
Lavonne Suwalski
Tom Tindira
Mary Ann Valvoda
Cathy Welner
Keith Williams
Ricky Williams
Dennis Zimmerman

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