Watercolor Ohio 2019

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Use the button at the left to access a printable copy of the 2019 Prospectus.

You will receive confirmation of your entry via email (or phone if you don’t have an email address). If you do not receive confirmation within 4 days, then your entry was probably not received and you should follow up.

ENTRY DEADLINE: Entries will be accepted starting on March 4, 2019 and must be postmarked by April 29, 2019. All entries postmarked after April 29 will be returned unopened. Electronic entries must be submitted by 11:59pm on April 29, 2019.

The deadline for entry is MONDAY, April 29, 2019

Entry Instructions: There are two ways to enter Watercolor Ohio 2019.


Send your image(s) on a CD by US Mail along with a signed Entry Card, a #10 SASE (with 2 “Forever stamps”) and a signed check (if submitting a second entry). CD will not be returned.

Mailing address: Watercolor Ohio 2019, 3839 Wheatlands Rd, Sylvania, OH 43560


Email your image(s) as an attachment to: ows.exhibition@gmail.com If you are submitting only one entry, you may include the artist and entry information in the body of the email (see below) and you will not need to mail any paperwork. If you are submitting two entries, send a signed Entry Card, a #10 SASE (with 2 “Forever stamps”) and a signed check.

Image Specifications: Save all images as JPG with a file size 1-5 MB.

Name files as: LastName-title.jpg (e.g., Vangogh-Sunflowers.jpg)

No SASE is needed if you are willing to receive notification and forms via email.

You may submit your Entry Form using email whether you submit one image or two.

Copy and paste the Entry Card text (below) into the body of your email and fill in the appropriate lines.

Eligible Work: Original work only; paintings done in classes or workshops or compositions that are copies of another person’s photos, drawings or paintings will NOT be accepted. Painting must have been completed within the past three years. Water-based mediums limited to watercolor, thinned acrylic, casein, gouache and egg tempera. Water-soluble oil paints are not eligible. Collage materials must be artist generated using a water-based medium on a surface that accepts watermedia, excluding commercially- or mechanically-printed substrates. The maximum allowed depth of the collage is 2-1/2 inches. Paintings may be done on any material that supports the paint, including paper, illustration board, canvas and Yupo. All entries must be framed and glazed with acrylic. Decisions of the Juror and the OWS Exhibition Committee with respect to originality and eligibility criteria are binding and final.

By submitting this form via email, you are certifying that the paintings submitted are your own concept. If reference photos were used, they are yours. You also grant permission for OWS to reproduce your artwork for publicity or publication purposes.

Entry Card

Email address:
City, State, Zipcode:

Out-of-state Nonmembers—give name of Ohio art group affiliation:

Signature member or Associate – 1st entry free
Nonmember –1st entry $20*
All participants –2nd entry $15

Or send $30 for one entry ($45 for two entries)
and receive an Associate Membership in the OWS

Title (1):
Price (if not for sale, write “NFS” and give value):
Image size: H x W:
Framed size: H x W:

Title (2):
Price (if not for sale, write “NFS” and give value):
Image size: H x W:
Framed size: H x W:

Paintings not released for the Travel Show are not eligible for awards.
Will you release your painting for the Travel Show (yes or no)?