Watercolor Ohio 2017

Frederick C Graff (OWS)
Mousehole Harbour
23” x 32”

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Eva Ellis (OWS)
Off Kilter
28” x 21”

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Christine Misencik-Bunn (OWS)
12” x 15”

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Additional Award Winners in Watercolor Ohio 2017

OWS Award of Excellence

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Susan Lyden (OWS)
Ornamental Cabbage
22” x 30”

OWS / Jack Richeson and Co. Inc. Award

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Lavonne Suwalski (OWS)
The Gathering
15” x 22”

OWS / Cheap Joes Art Stuff Award

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Dennis Zimmerman (OWS)
Novel Setting
20” x 26”

OWS / Holbein Artist Materials Award

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Donna Clark (Associate)
It’s Tough Being Transparent
18” x 20”

American Frame Award

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Christopher Leeper (OWS)
The Morning Drive
25” x 38”

Central Ohio Watercolor Society Memorial Award

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Jody Nudell (Nonmember)
Breakfast in Barranquilla
14” x 17”

M Graham & Co. Award

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Bruce Neville (OWS)
Hill Street
30” x 20”

Doug Pasek Memorial Award

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Aileen Cave (Associate)
16” x 28”

OWS / Plaza Artist Materials Award

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Billie Richard (OWS)
Water Nymphs
20” x 42”

Jim Brower Memorial Award

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Diana Hoke (Associate)
9.75” x 13.75”

Juror’s Statement
Mary Whyte

Thank you for the honor and privilege of being the juror for the Ohio Watercolor Society's annual exhibition. The paintings included in this year's show were selected from a large pool of highly competent artists, and together represent some of the finest watercolor being done in this country today. The individual works show watercolor at its most luminous and very best, driven by diversity of style, subject matter and the unique vision of each artist. 

Accepted Works
(◊ indicates inclusion in the Watercolor Ohio 2017 Travel Exhibition)

◊ Stuart Abbey
Suzanne R. Accetta
Judy Anderson
Li Baker
Anne Balogh
Donna Bargar
Shirlee Bauer
Robert Bruce
Kevin Buckland
Aileen Cave
Martin Chappuies
Donna Pierce Clark
Brenda Myers Cohen
David B Cordas
Liga Daiga
Lorri Davis
Jeanette Dejesus
Billie Dickson
Steven Elbert
Eva M Ellis
Sally Emslie
Dee Fagedes
Jim Gerkin
Connie Gifford
Frederick C Graff
Yuki Hall
Heidi Hanssen
George H Harth III
Millie Hawkins
Sara S (Sally) Heston
Diana Hoke
Pimei Huang
Linda Hutchinson
Allen Hutton
Karen Jennings
Sara Kass
Susan Kiedio
Ed Kitchen

Ted Lawson
Christopher Leeper
Raymond Lillback
Craig Lloyd
Susan Lyden
Terri Madden
Frances Mangino
Ken Marshall
Karen Martin
William Masters
Bob Maurer
Mike Mcenroe
Lori Meyer
Christine Misencik-Bunn
Robert Moyer
Bruce Neville
Jody Nudell
Kathy Sabbath Oravecz
Gail Peters
Jeri Ellis Platt
David Reed
Billie Richards
Charles Rowland
Joan Satow
Jan Holladay Scheuber
Thomas Schroeder
Rose Schultz
Thomas Sorrell
Wanda Stahler
Marian Steiner
Carol J Stevens
Rose Marie Strippoli
Richard Surowicz
Lavonne Suwalski
Robert Thornburgh
Jean Vance
Robert H Vannatta III
Robine Wright
Dennis Zimmerman

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