News and Announcements

International Watercolor Society, USA Chapter

The IWS USA is the United States branch of the widely known IWS Global

The Ohio representative for IWS USA is
Gary Brooks, a signature member of the OWS.

IWS USA is a group of volunteers gathered together to promote International Watercolor Society events to all US residents. Watercolor artists are invited via the Facebook page to discover opportunities to submit their work to competitions in about 80 other countries!

Membership is free, and all you need to do to become a member is go to the Facebook page and sign up using the messenger tab on the page.

Under the guidance of President, Gina Croce, the group’s goal is to make IWS USA the largest and most active Watercolor Organization in the world. Plans are already being made for our first USA International show in 2020 as well as online contests, plein air events and many other exciting opportunities for watercolor artists!