Watercolor Ohio 2018

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Accepted Works

Suzanne R. Accetta
Bess Alexander
Judy Anderson
Shirlee Bauer
Ron Beahn
Janine Jacobs Beleski
Jeanette Bill-Cole
Gary Brooks
Kevin Buckland
Michael Cantelmo
Aileen Cave
Martin Chappuies
Phillip Chiang
Brenda Myers Cohen
Jeffrey Core
Bob A Davis
Jeanette Dejesus
Sandra Dennison
Steven Elbert
Sally Ford-Lyles
Connie Gifford
Frederick C Graff
Yuki Hall
Millie Hawkins
Sara S (Sally) Heston
Pimei Huang
Karen Jennings
Gary Johnston
Sara Kass
Susan Kiedio
Rosemary Kienle
Annie King
Ed Kitchen
Dan Knepper
George Kocar
Phyllis Lawicki
Ted Lawson
Susan Lyden
Frances Mangino
Karen Martin

Ballet Kakilambe
Field of Dreams
The Stone Yard
Portland Romance
Tribute to Barney
The Wind Mariah
Sunshine in Provence
Morning Light
Love a Rainy Night
Rose on a Trellis
The Brass Forest
Shingles by Amish
Bridge to FMB
Il tesoro è qui e ora
Only One
Show Time
Main Street Bridge, Columbus
Making Bananas
Toma Cinco
Drawing a Crowd
October Rain
Amish Picnic
Harbor House
Unfolding Glory
Sunday Morning Jam
Isla vs Superman
Autumn River at Cliffside
The Ring
Country Fair Merry-Go-Round
Kindred Spirit
Main & High
A Slice of Thiebaud to Go
Pablo's Studio
Riding the Bike Lane II
Petal Power
Alabaster Dome
Ginger Jars
Union Pacific "Big Boy" 4012
The Lock
Mother Goose
Dry Docked in Cinque Terre
Maui no ka oi
Autumn Sycamore
Pastor Andre Palm 3
Waiting Dockside
Earth Change
Warm Current
Biloxi Beach
Cottage Storeroom
Saturday Morning
Cross Country
Larissas Bouquet
Portrait of a Conductor
Baskets and Boxes
Cohiba Boneyard
The Locomotive Yard
Light and Dark (triptych)
6am @ Thurman & Jaeger
Glass Ceiling
Prairie Passion
Beckoning Light
Evening Anticipation
Ghost Tree Reflections
Afternoon Nap
Autumn Harvest
Two for Two
Horse Power

William Masters
Nancy Stewart Matin
Thomas Mayer
Mike McEnroe
Trish McKinney
Lori Meyer
Christine Misencik-Bunn
Jody Nudell
Kathy Sabbath Oravecz
Gail Peters
Jeri Ellis Platt
Carol Prior
Jeny Reynolds
Vivian Ripley
Lynne Rosati
Joan Rothel
Charles Rowland
David Ruckman
Libby Rudolf
Jan Holladay Scheuber
John Schlabaugh
Susie Schreiber
Thomas Schroeder
Thomas Sorrell
Jennifer Sowders
Jeff Stahler
Carol J Stevens
Sharon Stolzenberger
Richard Surowicz
Lois Salmon Toole
Mary Ann Valvoda
Jean Vance
Cathy Welner
Leonard Williams
Mary Williams
Ricky Williams
David Yeamans
Gerald A Zelinskas
Dennis Zimmerman

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